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From the President



It is a pleasure to serve as President of the Greater Cleveland Branch of the National Association of University Women (NAUW), these like minded women truly serve the community in various capacities.  Since 1988, our Branch has supported and participated in activities relating to education, health, political awareness, HBCU and international awareness.


     I encourage you to look at our national website, to learn more about

us.  If interested in joining, please contact us for more details.  Like an oak tree with many branches growing stronger everyday (excerpt from our national hymn)


We are growing in numbers, community awareness and most of all, in sisterhood with a common interest of helping others as needed.



Sandra Haynes

Greater Cleveland Branch

National Association of University Women

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NAUW GCB Officers


President:                                               Sandra Haynes

1st Vice President:                               Tara Roberson

2nd Vice President:                              Danielle Randolph 

Corresponding Secretary:                  Terri Woodson

Recording Secretary:                           Ruth Addis

Financial Secretary:                             Adria Owens

Treasurer:                                               Cynthia Arrington

Interim Treasurer:                                Sandra Walker        


Lay Member:                                           Sandra Walker   

Corresponding Secretary:                    Adria Owens

Nominating Chair:                                 Bertha Frieson

Our Mission

Our Mission

The mission of the National Association of University of Women is to serve women, youth, and the disadvantaged in our communities and developing countries by addressing educational issues, and strategically partnering with allied organizations

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Our Purpose

The purpose of the National Association of University   of women is to promote and conduct educational activities designed to provide community outreach services at every level of development.

3 Ways to Contact
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