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Greater Cleveland Branch 

Fifteen university graduates residing in the Cleveland, Ohio metropolitan area were chartered as a Branch of the National Association of University Women on November 20, 1988, at the Holiday Inn Beachwood.  Mrs. Nancy B. Collins, then North Central Sectional Director, inducted the charter members.  The National First Vice President, Ms. Emma Redmond of Dayton, Ohio, installed the officers.  Mrs. Beverly Webster Lewis was elected president.  


Charter members of the Greater Cleveland Branch of the National Association of University Women are: Beverly Webster Lewis, Josephine Flemster, Bertha Frieson, Ruby Jackson, Susie Lee, E. Lucille Minor, Tyna Lewis, Catherine Rucker, Vanessa Scott, June Merida Sutton, Muriel Talbert, Sammye Tarter, Charlotte Taylor, Kimberly Turner and Grace White Ware.  


Since organizing, members have developed and participated in community programs that promote the theme of the National organization.  Literacy, the Reading Jubilee, co-sponsoring programs in health awareness, giving community support to local as well as national and international programs and awarding scholarships to graduates of area high schools are some of the projects in which the Branch members involve themselves.  In 2003, the Greater Cleveland Branch was awarded a resolution from then Mayor of Warrensville Hts. Community (Marcia Fudge) proclaiming February 22, 2003 as Reading Jubilee Day.  


The Greater Cleveland Branch continues to strive toward the high ideals held by the founders of the National organization with the help of its dedicated members.  

Current Charter members: Charlotte Taylor 

Ms. Charlotte Taylor, Mrs. Sandra Walker, & Late Mrs. Bertha Frieson


Late Ms. Bertha Frieson

Charter Member

                 PAST PRESIDENTS

Mrs. Beverly Lewis 1988-1989   (+)

Late Mrs. Bertha Frieson 1989-1990  (+)

Mrs. Christina Brown 1990-1991

Late Dr. Evelyn Love 1991-1994  (*  **)

Dr. Deborah Crawford 1994-1996

Mrs. Charlotte Taylor 1996-1997 (+)

Late Mrs. Bertha Frieson 1997-2001

Ms. Frances Johnson 2001-2003

Ms. Kimberly Moss 2003-2004

Ms. Felisa Eafford 2004-2005

Dr. Evelyn Love 2005-2006

Ms. Marian Moore 2006-2010

Late Dr. Evelyn Love 2010-2012

Mrs. Debra Williams-Green 2012-2017

Mrs. Sandra Walker 2017-2021

             (+) Branch Founder,

           (*) Past Sectional Officer,

           (**) Past National Officer

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Ms. Charlotte Taylor

Charter Member


Late Dr. Evelyn Love

Long Time Member

Former Branch President


Sectional Director

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North Central Sectional 2016
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Greater Cleveland  Branch

We believe all women can embrace who they are,can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission
UnBar Cafe'
Kingdom Academy Child Care

2635 Larchmere Boulevard, Cleveland, OH 44120

(216) 293-4480

There’s a growing awareness of the negative impact of too much alcohol and sugar in our diets and alcohol consumption has dropped in the last decade. However, there aren’t popular spaces known to offer more grown-up choices for the population who totally or periodically want to abstain from alcohol.

UnWine ZOne

22035 Chagrin Blvd.

Beachwood, Ohio 44122

(216) 862-9367

Serving Children Six Weeks to 12 Years Old • Infants | Toddlers | Pre-K | Transitional Preschoolers | School Agers.  The Mission of Kingdom Academy is grounded in the belief that all children and families share certain needs and can benefit from an interdisciplinary, social emotional, and intellectual sensitive program that fosters a high sense of self, capability, and aa celebration of differences.

Kingdom Academy Childcare Center 

Real Estate
 Limousine Service 
 Car Rental 
GET car rentals.jpg
 Free Tutoring K-HS   
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Young Achievers Ohio
Faith's new log.PNG

13308 Euclid Avenue Suite 101

East Cleveland, Ohio 44112

PHONE:(216) 249-3000

FAX:(216) 249-3921


Young Achievers Ohio or David’s Challenge Incorporated (DCI) is an organization created for the expressed purpose of addressing the various social, educational and economic needs of children, youth and young adults in Cuyahoga County.

DCI was formed to serve as a bridge between adolescence and adulthood. Our mission is to provide children, youth and young adults with transitional programs and services designed to direct them towards self-sufficiency and independence.

DCI has well-established protocols for project management, financial responsibility, the conduct and documentation of direct services, client risk precautions, safety, client rights, and the protection of health information. DCI operates in accordance with the Administrative Rules of the Ohio Department of Mental Health (ODMH). Control of all projects is by a set of written policies and procedures that governs all aspects of the organization.

SYATT Ebony & Erika.PNG

Cleveland, Ohio, United States



Syatt recognizes the adverse legacy people of color have faced in America. It is our VISION that youth and adults experience a world where they know they belong and feel empowered. Syatt's MISSION is to support its community through culturally relevant programming in the natural and built environment.




  • We are present because you matter

  • We Agitate to honor our ancestors

  • We can we will

NEOSTEM Ecosystem
NEOSTEM Ecosystem LOGO.png

The NeoSTEM Ecosystem is a collaboration of many organizations throughout Northeast Ohio who partner to improve STEM educational opportunities for all students. Formed in 2014, the goals of the NeoSTEM Ecosystem are to increase access to and excitement for computer science, computational thinking and digital literacy in Northeast Ohio – especially among underserved populations.

NEOSTEM Ecosystem Mission Statement.PNG
Design by Winston
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                   Introducing the  Marching Tee from the                     Black Heritage  Celebration
                 Collection in collaboration with the Cavs                    X JCU Wayfinders Program. This limited                edition shirt is the perfect way to show your love for your Cavaliers while celebrating the culture. Designed by Shanice "NeNe" Winston, a Cleveland-based graphic designer with a meticulous eye for detail and a passion for crafting visually captivating designs.
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